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Licking River Watershed Watch Inc.
The Licking River Watershed Watch works to protect, improve, and restore the waters of the Licking River Basin by promoting water quality monitoring, public education, and citizen action.

Water Quality Monitoring

LRWW Volunteers collect water quality samples from over 130 stations throughout the 22 county watershed using field equipment, collecting samples for laboratory analysis and direct observations. Join us if you would like to become a certified sampling volunteer.

Public Education

LRWW scientists and resource management agencies work to get community leaders and volunteers up to speed on the science, technology and political realities of water resource management. Join us at our next workshop, conference or seminar

Citizen Action

LRWW Volunteers and leadership work with resource management agencies to improve watershed conditions through clean-ups, restoration projects, public involvement and advocacy. Contact us for more information

In the Spotlight:

  • Spring Sampling Event: May 10, 2014.
    Field parameters only---we will not be sampling for bacteria.
  • Phase 1 Workshop - Date: Saturday, May 17
    Location: Dan Beard House, 322 E. 3rd St. Covington KY 41011-1710
    For further information, contact Pam Kutscher (pjkutscher@att.net)
  • Annual Conference/Picnic: June 7, 2014 at Pioneer Park in Covington, KY. Details to follow soon.
  • Habitat/Bio Assessments: first two weeks of June
  • Summer Sampling Event: July 12, 2014. Grab samples plus field parameters.
  • Fall Sampling Event: September 13, 2014. Details TBA


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