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Licking River Watershed Watch
Volunteer Bill of Rights

Licking River Watershed Watch would not exist
without the work of volunteers.

Our monitoring teams, sample coordinators, instructors,
organizers and advisors are vital to our success.

It is critical that we respect, recognize and
wisely manage their contributions of time and talent.

To ensure that happens, we should adopt the following "Volunteer Bill Of Rights" as policy for our work.

Your Volunteer Bill of Rights:

1. The right to meaningful, challenging work
of true benefit to the community and the cause
that makes the best use of your time and talent.

2. The right to say no. The right to choose the
work that fits your interests and abilities.

3. The right to be respected as an individual,
- respect for your knowledge,
- respect for the value of your time,
- respect for your opinions and ideas.

4. The right to be kept informed of the goals,
plans and details of the operation you are
working with.

5. The right to know how and where you fit in the
organization. The right to know who you are expected
to work with and your relative responsibilities.

6. The right to ask questions about the project and
its goals.

7. The right to clear instruction, support and
training necessary to be successful in your mission.

8. The right to a voice in the operation of
the organization you contribute to.

9. The right to have your work and contributions

10.The right to graceful opportunities to exit from
service at a time of your choosing.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

1. Be willing to learn.

2. Have respect for others involved in the project.

2. Be clear about the level of commitment you are
willing to make. Don't offer to do what you
don't want to do.

3. If you make a commitment, do your best to carry
it out. If you can't meet a commitment, seek help
from others or inform organizers before its to late.

4. If you have concerns or questions, please, speak



Copyright 2009 Licking River Watershed Watch Inc