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Licking River and
Minor Ohio River Tributary
Watershed Information

Reports and Technical Information

Profiles for Counties in the Licking River Watershed (pdf)
The Licking River Watershed or River Basin physically includes Magoffin, Morgan, Rowan, Bath, Fleming, Bourbon, Harrison, Nicholas, Robertson, the majority of Pendleton, and parts of Menifee, Montgomery, Clark, Elliott, Lewis, Mason, Bracken, Campbell, Kenton*, Boone, and Grant counties. This report profiles each county in the basin.

Lower Licking River Watershed Characterization Report
3.5mb Adobe PDF Report from Sanitation District #1 describing conditions in the watershed in Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties.

Kentucky Division of Water Watershed Mapping System
Zoom in on the Licking River Watershed and view various map features.

The Licking River Region in Kentucky: Status and Trends This report covers the entire drainage area -- or basin -- of the Licking River and other streams north and east of the basin along the Ohio River. In this report, the entire area is referred to as the Licking River region.  (This is a PDF document.  You will need Acrobat Reader to view it.  Download Acrobat free.)

Basin Monitoring Plan:  2004-2005 Strategic Monitoring Plan Salt and Licking  and Appendices A-D  - This planning document also provides a standard set of water quality parameters and sampling regimes that were designed around land-use/cover types to allow maximum utilization of programmatic resources and best characterization of water quality resources.

Priority Watersheds  - There are 69 "HUC-11" watersheds in the Licking River and nearby Ohio River tributaries. These were ranked using a diverse set of empirical and surrogate data to evaluate the condition of the basin unit.

Watershed Plans

Volunteer monitoring connection

  • Water Watch - Volunteers protecting Kentucky waterways.

    Licking River Watershed Watch - The mission of the Licking River Watershed Watch is to promote citizen stewardship, activism and education throughout the watersheds of the Licking River region. We do this through identifying problems, developing sustainable solutions and protecting and restoring the natural systems so that the ecological, spiritual and economic integrity will be preserved for future generations.


  • List of impaired waters of Kentucky (303d List)  - Pursuant to Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act, the state of Kentucky has developed a list of waterbodies presently not supporting designated uses as required by 40 CFR 130.7(b)(4) and needing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development.  (PDF document

Technical Service Centers in the Licking River Watershed




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